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AIA Henry Adams Medal for top GAUD student 2021.  M.Arch Distinction (GPA 3.95)

Shortlisted | BeeBreeders Iceland Cave Tower international competition

Finalist | Non Architecture ‘Reviving Mines’ international competition

Honorable mention, Pratt Institute School of Architecture Climate Crisis Prize and Post-Anthropocene Prize
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Digging & Flying

Advanced Design Research Studio (Jan ‘21 - May ‘21) | Governors’ Island, New York, NY
Pratt GAUD Studio of experiments | Professors Neil Denari and Graysen Maxwell Babbitt

This project asks a simple question - what is nature today?
Today, no part of the earth is remains untouched by the activities of human kind. We can no longer maintain the notion that we are separate from nature, neither as enchanted onlookers absent from participation, nor see nature as a resource that we can exploit without consequence to our separate human world.
In its place, we are seeking a new conception of nature, one which confronts the consequences of human activity on the planet and addresses them, not as outside events to be managed and mitigated, but as the fundamental realities that this new conception must incorporate.
This work approaches these questions through the design of a flying meadow, engaging the Digging and Flying polemic of the studio has a whole.
View from the flying meadow towards Manhattan


Plan drawing

Aligned and mis-aligned contextual grids
Constructing a geometry of the digging layer

Analysing circulatory intensity

Elevation of beekeeping workshop

Section drawing

Isometric drawing of the beekeeping workshop

Isometric drawing, layering of the digging and flying layers

 A view from the public gallery onto the beeekeping workshop

Perspective from the meadow, towards Liberty Island

Site plan (site E., southern tip of Governors Island)