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Stepping only once into the same stream

Upstate New York | Spring ‘22

Under construction

Obscure Reveal

Summer 22, ongoing project

Exploring the revelatory power of the obscure. What figure, form, texture, notion, relation can be found, simply by hiding part of a structure?


Chester, UK | May ‘22

The bird watching hide comprises a simple geometric form constructed, for simplicity, cost and sustainability, from only 2x6” lumbar. One single form creates opportunities for deployment in a variety of ground conditions across the meadows, reflecting different bird habitats: from the water’s edge to hedgerow to open fields.

We are Nature

Governor’s Island, New York, NY | May ‘21

Pratt GAUD Adavnced Design Research studio  | Professors Neil Denari and Graysen Maxwell Babbit

Fortnight Institute

Fortnight Institute Contemporary Art Gallery | 21 East 3rd St, New York, NY  | Renovation completed April 2021. 

Exhibition: Danielle McKinney, Saw My Shadow. Photography by Jason Mandella.