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Stepping only once into the same stream

Upstate New York | Spring ‘22-’23


Obscure Reveal

Summer 22, ongoing project

Exploring the revelatory power of the obscure. What figure, form, texture, notion, relation can be found, simply by hiding part of a structure?


Chester, UK | May ‘22

The bird watching hide comprises a simple geometric form constructed, for simplicity, cost and sustainability, from only 2x6” lumbar. One single form creates opportunities for deployment in a variety of ground conditions across the meadows, reflecting different bird habitats: from the water’s edge to hedgerow to open fields.

We are Nature

Governor’s Island, New York, NY | May ‘21

Pratt GAUD Adavnced Design Research studio  | Professors Neil Denari and Graysen Maxwell Babbit

Fortnight Institute

Fortnight Institute Contemporary Art Gallery | 21 East 3rd St, New York, NY  | Renovation completed April 2021. 

Exhibition: Danielle McKinney, Saw My Shadow. Photography by Jason Mandella.